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A short and confusing update

Man, does time fly?! It's been 4 months since I posted the last entry - I have broken the cardinal rule of blog posting frequency at an obscene level...

So, what has happened since the tribute to the Winchester model 70 hit the Internet? Well, I sold that beautiful Super Grade. I know, it's crazy, but I couldn't keep it AND the Featherweight 270 as they are a little bit too close performance and application wise. Both are plains rifles but the 270 got the nod as it is a mountain and stalking rifle. The heavy rifle went and the easy handling 270 stays. I also received the new Winchester 70 that I hinted about:

I´ll make a separate entry about this rifle, but now most of the details are kinda given except for the particular caliber. It should however narrow it down to three or four possible candidates - all of which can be used for the Big Five in Africa. Stay tuned as the article may appear at any... quarter. Just don't hold your breath.

At the moment there are a few loose ends concerning this rifle, one of them being the open sights. They were delivered in a bag by the previous owner, and of course one screw is missing from the front and rear sight (where on earth would you find tiny screws like these without buying a complete set of open sights?).

I also need to get "Kråk-Johan" (Crow Johan) to replace the buttplate with a Pachmayr Old English to give the rifle the correct looks. Now it sports a Pachmayr F550 and it simply looks terrible.

Spent two weeks in Florida with the Mrs in January which was a real treat. Went down to Key West and of course I had to visit the Hemingway House. I can really recommend this - the tour guide from Boston was an amazing guy. We actually tipped him $20. Here's a picture from Hemingway's work room:


Got a lathe installed in the workshop (or "storage room" as the Mrs likes to call it) and have started messing around with some smaller projects such as a barrel weight for a .22. This was my first attempt at cutting a thread:


Since my old man's Sako Finnbear 30-06 lacks open front sight due to shortening of the barrel and threading for a suppressor, I finally decided to remove the rear sight base using some heat after a friend told me that it's only soldered onto the barrel. Piece of cake!


And then I decided to go against my principles and invest in a shotgun. Embarassingly enough, it all ended with me buying a brand new (and quite lovely) Remington 1100 Sporting which is now... the most expensive weapon I possess. The lord sure works in mysterious ways.


And last but not least: today I added yet another Winchester model 70 to the collection. More about that later. Together with the Featherweight 270 and the Safari Express, it should cover more or less anything that I can even think of hunting.

This chaotic blog entry will now end. I'll try to be a bit more specific in the future...