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Threading a rifle barrel

It´s been over two years since I decided to put some hard earned cash into a new lathe. Having spent way too much time on YouTube finally drove me over the edge, inspired by the likes of Practical Renaissance, tubalcain/mrpete222, and of course the genius Clickspring. So I ordered an HBM 250x550 Chinese lathe and then spent at least as much money on accessories (didn´t see that one coming). I have learnt a lot after the first trembling steps in the workshop and it´s been a blast, and sometimes extremely frustrating also. I´m thinking about making an overview video of this lathe as I never found anything about it when searching for it prior to ordering the lathe.

So far I´ve threaded 18 rifle barrels - all of which were threaded M14x1 for suppressors except for three M15x1 and one M18x1. Calibers have been 243 Win, 6,5x55 Swede, 308 Win, 30-06, 300 Win Mag, 8x57IS and 9,3x62. All turned out really well and it goes to show that this isn´t exactly rocket science but you do need to be meticulous and stay focused. Each barrel took several hours of work to finish including all parts of the operations. I made a short video of the first one I did - a Ruger American 308, and this is also my first video after a two year "break" from my YouTube channel. Please comment on the video or give a thumbs up if you feel like it.